‘I was in a terrible space and knew I had to go surfing or go crazy. The waves weren’t that good and it was getting pretty late. I remember the evening clouds hanging heavy over a gun-metal grey sea. A group of dolphins were playing in the surf, but, remarkably not swimming with the waves as they normally would, instead they were kind of circling one area.
I caught a small sloppy wave and was already starting to feel better. As I paddled back I noticed the group of dolphins less than 50 metres ahead of me. Suddenly a large dolphin launched himself clear out of the water. In that instant, emanating from this beautiful animal, I felt the most incredible ball of warm, pure love strike me in my chest and shoot through my entire body like a… well, like nothing I’d ever experienced. It was truly beyond description, I felt so safe, so free, so loved and it saved me from a terrible, dark place. From that very moment I knew that everything was going to be alright.
The experience has coloured my life ever since and when painting dolphins I do always feel, often unconsciously, a mystical connection to a deeper, far sweeter power. A love, unconditional, that will always be there.’

The artist enriches the soul of humanity. The artist delights people with a thousand unsuspected shades of feeling. The artist reveals spiritual riches until then unknown, and gives people new reasons for loving life, new inner lights to guide them. RODIN

‘How wonderful would it be if I could impart such joy through my paintings? If my art could lift the spirit and make the viewer think just a little bit happier and a tiny bit lighter, I would be fulfilled and my art would be truly sacred to me. Love and gratitude. ‘

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