This painting has driven me barmy for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it refuses to be photographed in any reasonable manner. I would have to confess to being pitiful at photographing my artwork, but this one has proven especially ornery (if that’s a word that may be used with inanimate objects). The other reasons that have driven me to the brink of insanity are more complex and esoteric.

On moving to the forest after 25 years of living and surfing in JBay, I had a  master plan with my painting. It should have been a walk in the park to simply absorb the energy of the trees as I had absorbed the energy of the ocean and then translate that into my art and then combine the two into single piece. Well, turns out it’s not that simple, or at least, not for me.

So I was crippled by a sense of extreme terror when I realized i wasn’t ‘getting it’ as i had ‘got it’ with my marine art. For many years I painted waves, whales, dolphins and all marine experiences with a relatively flowing ease. I hit the wall when I attempted to interpret my dream of combining the intense energy of the ocean with the grounded energy of the land. It is a lot easier said than done.

However I have subsequently fiddled a bit with this painting and am not reasonably happy, or happier, with the results. In fact I was so excited that i was happy, that I immediately painted another piece (learning to fly). Which reminds me, one of the reasons the original dolphin painting was bothering me, was that the NAME wasn’t fitting. ‘Synchronicity’ just didn’t fit how i felt about it, so I’ve changed the name to “Birth”, which feels much better.

SO, as the world crashes and burns all around us. As the thugs in government steal us blind, as GMOs poison us, banks enslave us, pharmaceuticals destroy our health and the TV blinds us to the truth, I am, at last, feeling better about my paintings!!!

Peace and blessings


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